• Nov 2023 - Feb 2024
    Next.Js Intern

    Company URL:

    • Refactored the API handling embeddings to OpenAI and implemented S3 bucket integration for file data storage. This increased the overall performance of the application by 60% and improved customer satisfaction by 40%.
    • Identified and addressed a critical security issue, preventing AWS key leakage in the app’s frontend builds, and enhancing overall system security.
    • Developed the plugin architecture for the application (npm, WordPress, etc.) which increased customer satisfaction by 75%.
    • Implement a simple dashboard for the application to give some analytics to the user. This increased the user engagement by 50%.

    Certificate of Completion

  • Oct 2022 - Mar 2023
    Indie Spirit Technologies LLP
    Software Developer Intern

    Company URL:

    • Developed an internal order and dispatch tracking platform for efficient management of orders and dispatch within the company.
    • Leveraged Next.js and Firebase to create a robust and responsive web application. Utilized React to design intricate user interfaces that facilitated user interaction. Ease of use increased by 50%
    • Resulted in a streamlined process for order and dispatch management, enabling the tracking of thousands of daily orders. The platform’s success led to improved net sales reporting and enhanced order tracking capabilities.

    Recommendation Letter, Certificate of Completion